The Nature of Environmental Stewardship


Of all the many books and videos we’ve offered through the years, Johnny Lin’s The Nature of Environmental Stewardship has the greatest, almost miraculous, potential to bring instruction, correction, clarity, and charity to environmental debates among evangelicals and other Christians in America and around the world.

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Environmental issues appear deceptively simple: science tells us what the problems are and how to solve them, and, for Christians, the Bible motivates us to care for creation. And yet, both in society in general as well as in the Christian church in particular, we cannot seem to agree on what to do regarding environmental issues.

In this book, climate scientist Johnny Wei-Bing Lin argues that determining the content of environmental stewardship, far from being a straightforward exercise, is a difficult and complex endeavor. He sets forth a general taxonomy, drawing from worldviews, ethical theories, science epistemology, science-policy studies, politics, and economics, that can help us better understand what excellent creation care consists of and how to bridge the differences people have regarding environmental issues.


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