The Poverty of Nations, A Sustainable Solution

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The whole world has a stake in the war against poverty and leaders across the globe are looking for a permanent solution. That’s why economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem have teamed up to outline a robust proposal for fighting poverty on a national level.

These two experts believe the solution lies in a comprehensive development plan that integrates the principles of a free market system with the Bible’s teachings on social ethics. Speaking to the importance of personal freedom, the rule of law, private property, moral virtue, and education, this book offers a clear path for promoting economic prosperity and safeguarding a country’s long-term stability—a sustainable solution for a world looking for the way forward.

“Grudem and Asmus provide a comprehensive set of principles for reducing poverty around the world. Seldom does one find such a complete and thoughtful integration of sound economics with good theology. The Poverty of Nations is strongly recommended for anyone concerned with world poverty.”
—P. J. Hill, Professor of Economics Emeritus, Wheaton College; Senior Fellow, Property and Environmental Research Center, Bozeman, Montana

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How do entire nations rise out of poverty?

Theologian Wayne Grudem and economist Barry Asmus answer that question in The Poverty of Nations, A Sustainable Solution.

In step-by-step, non-technical language, they uncover 78 factors that “affect economic policies, governmental laws, and cultural values (including moral values and spiritual beliefs)” crucial to overcoming poverty at the national level, making it possible to “lift almost everyone in the nation to a better standard of living.”

1 review for The Poverty of Nations, A Sustainable Solution

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    You can not do better than Grudem and Asmus when it comes to understanding biblical economics. They have an abundance of evidence and deep analytics in an easy to read (and understand) format that will enable you to speak about the causes of poverty and the remedies to alleviate suffering. There are many and sound biblical reasons (rooted in fundamental economics) that can lead many nations out of the poverty that they are experiencing. It doesn’t have to be the way that it is. There are answers. Solid biblical common sense and market freedoms that respect private property and voluntary exchange will go a long way to advancing the argument for freedom, opportunity, stewardship, increased quality of life, and respect for the dignity of mankind under the Creator’s hand. I highly recommend this important book.

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