Climate Change and the Christian


Climate Change and the Christian is an hour-long talk, by Dr. E.Calvin Beisner, that ties together the scientific evidence that human influence on global temperature is real but so slight as to be insignificant, that the costs of trying to reduce that influence far exceed any benefits from them, and that the benefits of continued and even growing use of fossil fuels far outweigh the costs to humanity and the environment.


Over ten years of speaking to scores of groups—from church congregations to graduate students in earth and atmospheric sciences, from political activists to middle-school students, and more—I think I’ve crystalized a message that really works.

It communicates factually the contribution of human activity to global warming (which is real but probably so small we can’t detect it), the enormous benefits we receive from the fossil fuels mistakenly blamed for dangerous warming, and the dangers inherent in policies meant to reduce warming by reducing fossil fuel use.

Climate Change and the Christian, an 84-minute lecture I delivered repeatedly last year at events sponsored by the Illinois Family Institute, embodies that message.

PowerPoint slides embedded in the video of Climate Change and the Christian clearly illustrate the lessons. They show

  1. how alarmists start with false or misleading data and then present it in psychologically misleading ways, making them frightening when proper presentation doesn’t.
  2. why proper data analysis leads to the conclusion that human activity contributes so little to global warming that it’s insignificant.
  3. the huge disconnect between real-world observations and the scary predictions of climate alarmists based on unverified computer models.
  4. the tremendous benefits to plant growth, and consequently crop yields and food supplies, all over the world because of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  5. the remarkable correlation between improved human health and life expectancy, on the one hand, and fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions, on the other.
  6. the burdens of primitive energy systems that dominate the world’s poorest countries compared with modern, fossil fuel-based electric systems that make life so much better in wealthy countries.
  7. why wind, solar, and other “renewable” energy sources can’t begin to compare with fossil fuels for providing the abundant, affordable, reliable electricity indispensable to any society’s overcoming poverty and staying out of it.

I believe this lecture will equip you to explain to anyone why you, with the Cornwall Alliance, believe resisting the climate alarmist mantra is crucial to helping the poor all over the world. You can invite people to view it, or just pass on to them what you learn from it. —Dr. E. Calvin Beisner


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